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Feel free to send a message to discuss your ideas or ask any questions. You can submit a query below or email me at I would be happy to talk about any commissions, collaborations, projects or jobs. You will receive a reply within two days.

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Shadow Bijou -

I've worked with a number of artists before, but what sets Zorkxa apart from all the others is their professionalism and ability to give you a better product than you'd even envisioned. Throughout the process, Zorkxa will ask the right questions to ensure you get exactly what you want, and often even adds bonus ideas I didn't even know I wanted until they suggested them. You get periodic updates through the process, so that you have chances to make any tweaks before the final product is finished. Whether or not you need something specific, or you only have a vague idea, the end product you receive will leave you satisfied.

Zorkxa also has an extremely wide array of art styles, if you're looking for something in a particular style then chances are that they can mould their style to give you what you're looking for. I've worked with them on Animated Emotes, Regular Emotes, Animations, Logos, and Full Style artwork and they can do it all with very high quality and with a fast turn-around time. I keep coming back to Zorkxa time and time again for any art projects I need worked on.

If you're not convinced, I recommend at least sending Zorkxa a message with your commission ideas to see if they can help you. I'm confident they will be able to bring your ideas to life.

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