About Me

Ricket Zorkxa is a freelance digital illustration artist who is open to art commissions to create vital assets for your storybooks and games, spruce up your business and social media, illustrate heartfelt personal gifts to yourself or others, or create artwork for your NFT projects. Being a versatile artist, they are comfortable with various art styles, such as anime, semi-realistic, and cute 2D illustrations. While they specialise in character illustrations and concept art, they also have experience in graphic design and animations.

Although they are based in Singapore, their freelance work has connected them with clients from all over the world. Ricket has experience working on Twitch channel art, DnD characters, art tutorial books, and T-shirt designs, to name a few. 

Feel free to view Ricket's artwork using the menu bar and drop a message for any queries.


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Annie & Jame

Ricket Zorkxa is hands down the best artist I've worked with for commissions. Their attention to detail, timeliness, and genuine skill demonstrate their strong commitment to their work. As a monthly backer, I look forward to their art pieces delivered via postal mail, and as a purchaser of their products I've always been impressed with the items' quality and style.


So professional, so friendly, so understanding. I had issues expressing what I wanted and Zorkxa helped walked me through it. Look at the piece they did for me and see for yourself. 


Working with Zorkxa and their art is absolutely amazing, a one of a kind experience and something I always look forward to. I told them that they’re my artist for life, and I mean that, there is so much potential there, and I’m going to support them and watch them grow.

Yin Yang static.png


Highest regards to Zorkxa! With very little information they are able to create something that is exactly what I was thinking of! Every single one of my emotes I’ve gotten from them are perfection!


Customer Satisfaction

If you are uncertain about the quality of artwork you will receive, rest assured! For the year of 2021, 100% of the customers for illustrations and animations were satisfied. (sample size: 50-100).

Prompt & Professional

Emails and messages will almost always be replied to in two days, regardless of weekends or holidays. Ricket Zorkxa is also fluent in English and have great communication skills through images and text, so you can be sure you are understood! 

Experienced Artist

Not quite sure how to commission artwork? You will be guided patiently and given suggestions if needed! An experienced artist can also point out potential problems you might not have foreseen, thus saving you cost and time for revisions.

Progressive values

Personality and values can be important when it comes to working with someone, and artists' beliefs can shape their art. Ricket Zorkxa is LGBTQIA+ friendly, a mental health advocate and just generally believes in making the world a kinder place.