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Terms & Conditions

Do note that any terms negotiated personally can override the following terms and conditions. Legal contracts drafted by me take precedence over these terms. By contacting me, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


  1. Please address me as either Ricket or Zorkxa, and with gender neutral language. If you have to refer to me, please use the gender neutral they/them/their pronouns. 

  2. Please do not request for video calls or meet-ups if we have never completed a paid project together. You may send me voice or video clips. 

  3. Do not pester for personal information. Full NRIC number or copies will never be provided unless required by law. Only partial NRIC numbers may be provided for agreements and contracts. 


  1. Payment will be either full upfront, or half upfront and another half at the midway point (usually just before coloring stage) are sent.

  2. There may be additional charges if split payment is chosen because of extra payment transaction fees.

  3. Charges may apply accordingly should we be dealing through a platform. 

  4. There will be no refunds.

Revisions and Edits

  1. There can be 1 major edit and 1-2 minor edits. Major edits are only available during draft or sketch stage. Any additional edits will be charged accordingly.

  2. Whether an edit is considered major or minor is decided by me. 


  1. Unless otherwise discussed, commercial and exclusive rights are NOT included. This means that I have the rights to use the artwork as I desire. If you plan to use the artwork on merchandise or for any kind of commercial use (including decorating or representing a website that is selling anything), please discuss with me first.

  2. The terms regarding commercial use do not apply to Twitch channel art used to attract subscriptions, bits or donations, as long as it is used within the channel only.

  3. Reselling of artwork is not allowed.

Delivery Time

  1. Please let me know if you need the product finished by a certain date. Otherwise, I will work at my own speed, which will be an estimate of a few days for a small project to a month or two for a larger one.

  2. It may be possible to pay rush fees to expedite the production.

Twitch emotes

  1. If you have been offered a channel point design OR badge design for free, you can have simple variations (up to 3) like color changes for badge designs.

  2. Should a complicated design or more variations are desired, you can top up some fees.

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