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Graphic Design | NTU C3

The Cyberwellness, Cybersports and Games Creation Club, abbreviated to just 'C3', is a club in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) that I have had the honour of being the Art Director of, for three years.


C3 teaches us the passion of video games through cybersports. While doing so, we want to promote cyberwellness, which emphasises that much like other sports, we should exercise sportsmanship during competitions - to win humbly and to lose gracefully. For creative minds, we also held game creation workshops and seminars for us to explore the art and innovation of creating games.

Through these events that were held, I have gained a lot of experience working with both my art team and the other divisions of the club. Needless to say, I have also learnt a lot about designing publicity materials, which I would showcase here.

Publicity Materials


Logo Designs

LOGO Designs

T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs

Click here to view my freelance graphic design works.

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